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The following is a paraphrase…sort of…from a question posed in the Create Your Style Community site ( and the answer I had offered to this subscriber…for those of you who do not use “Crystallized Swarovski Element” don’t let the word “crystal” the put you off…use the answer in context to help with your own situation…whether you are into jewelry, fiber, painting …any medium! It’s a sentiment I feel transcends whatever artistic form you decide to use; one worth repeating here. 

"With Tears in Her Eyes"

"With Tears in Her Eyes"

Hi Penny

 As previously posted [on the Create Your Style Community site]…the individual decides what the most important factor in naming their designs.  Some like using the color- others will use a girl’s name.   Some throw caution to the wind and say the first thing that pops into their head- or a combination of all these.  Some use theme by studying a picture first or a phrase and create around it (most Beading Challenges work this way).  Some don’t feel that a name is even necessary and give it a number or nothing at all (I disagree as emotion has everything to do with creating whether you create for pleasure or profit-but that’s MY preference). The most important thing, I think, is that while you are working on your creation, let your mind wander and FEEL what you are creating- are you happy, angry, hopeful, frustrated- use that…it may just hit you and you have an AHA moment.  Or not…and you have to ponder on it awhile.  I for one don’t have names come easy all the time…sometimes I have to rattle around several ideas until the AHA pops into my mind…or my designs sits on my desk until the feeling I want to convey molds my brain and my AHA comes later.

 One who is becoming a crystal enthusiast (I could say jewelry or designing…but I don’t wanna…we talk crystals here, people-LOL!)  in their formative stages with naming their pieces might just experiment.   Go through your “blue” stage e.g. “Blue Danube”, “Blue Lagoon”, “Blue Pill”, etc…or your angry stage, e.g., “The Ex-Boyfriend”, “Psycho Garbage” or “Traffic Jam”…or totally unrelated things like “Notebook Dog,” Raging Feathers” and “Existential Soup.”

Whatever method you use is not the point…if you’re happy with what you’ve come up with IS.

If a method isn’t working…who says you can’t change your mind and try something else? 

 There is no right or wrong…if you believe in what you’re doing….I’m sure I’ve created more questions than answered them…but making each other think is a part of why we are here in this community.

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For those who do not know, I am a Moderator on the Create- Your-Style website…toodles!



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