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With Christmas not as far way as I’d like, cruising for unique and special handmade gifts is a task I take very seriously.  Lucky for me I belong to several artisan groups…one being the SATEAM on Etsy.  It’s great the way I can always count on these creative and caring artisans for inspiration, support and just wonderful warmth.  And the eyecandy is TDF!

I plan to showcase a few goodies from what I find in my travels up and around Etsy now and in the coming weeks (hey, a girl’s gotta shop, right?)…so come and take a peek at what I found!

NValentine Owl

What a sweetie!!!!!

Look at this precious thing.  This owl is a CUTIE PIE!  from NValentine Studio just tickles my funny bone!  He’s inquisitive and pixy-ish and just plain fun!  Looking in her shop…you’ll be hooked on colors and textures and be in no danger of disppointment.  Girl’s got it all goin’ on!

 OH boy! I could stare at this for hours…a timecapsule necklace by TheBlueDress.  The color is breathtaking and mesmerizing and I love the sentiment.

How cool is this baby!!!

How cool is this baby!!!

What a FABO gift this would make!!!  Ingenious doesn’t cover this creation in my opinion…it’s charisma just settles around you like a warm blanket.  *Sigh…..how thoughtful would you be to give this to a significant other or precious family member?  Very!
Wonderful texture and craftsmanship!

Wonderful texture and craftsmanship!

Now those who know me know I LOVE copper…almost to an obsession.  So when I look…I search with said material in mind.  This personalized pick is a great gift for the musician in your life (I have a few myself) and the texture speaks as if it is a well loved possession.  Clever and unique, too, wouldn’t you say?
Gotta dash…you know- so much to see…so little time!  I’ll share again real soon…and remember to make it a Handmade Holiday. (Oh, I almost forgot…!  There is a VERY COOL and EXCITING announcement for the SATEAM I can’t snitch about yet…but it’s coming…check again to find out what it is…!)
Happy Shopping !
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The parenting life with new teenagers

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Good Morning Campers! I hope everyone is well and happy!

This week is one of preparation for me. Though they don’t start until the end of this month, my summer has been spent gathering school clothing and supplies for my three ankle biters and dreaming of the days when I can NAP after 7:30 AM (that’s when all current residents leave for school or work) if I want. LOL! Though I was weeping by June I look forward to finding peace with the walls of my home and not the shrill sounds of Halo3, Ironman and “I’m bored…,” echoing until a phone call and out the door we go. Seriously, this has been a busy summer for me and my crew between birthday parties (all gifts created and crafted by yours truly), as well as movies, pool parties and other teenage social events. I also have a tweener that feels she is entitles to as much “air time” as the others and did her best to coax me into fulfilling that oh-so-obvious-to-her obligation.  I am exhausted running the crew to their various destinations and I know it isn’t going to be any less hectic once school starts…but it will be different. I’d LIKE it to be less hectic, but parents often find they actually do not run their households as they so brazenly proclaim at the Hindenmeir cookout and other adult social gatherings. They just think they do.

How did I get myself into this predicament?  Other than the obvious conversation a man and a woman have (mostly late night…and talking WASN’T on our minds) after they were born, I foolishly allowed my kids to socialize.  I should have kept them locked in that tower I envisioned in my head when they were two and not allowed them friends. Things would have been so much simpler, less expensive and easier to hide.  *Sigh…now that that cat’s out of the bag…I have to live with it. Oh well.

The backpacks, jeans and protractors.  The calculators, filler paper (college ruled for one so she can write more on one page), the unmentionables, and socks and….oy!  Ya need to be a Philadelphia lawyer to decipher the SCARY menus (have you seen what they serve burgeoning minds?  I wouldn’t feed that to a pesky horde of radioactive lawn rodents I wanted to kill) and cryptic supply lists.  But all in all, the faces that painfully squinched up or the eyes that rolled conspiratorially when you even mentioned school in May are now shining; dreaming of hangin’ with their homey’s in study hall and plotting playful revenge on a certain favorite teacher with a favorite stuffed animal character secretly named George. (Sorry Mr. Hendricks, but they are…)   It tugs wistfully on my own fond memories of new books and paper, and the smell of new plastic; new shoes and a chance to have new adventures within the walls of school. 

 How goes YOUR week?

Warmest Regards, Heather

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