Great tool find of the week!(sort of…)

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If you’re like me, you like to carry a bag of projects, reference books and supplies, and a notebook/sketchpad to stave off the boredom no matter where you go.  I don’t know; I guess maybe it’s a security blanket for me; I spend most of my time alone and don’t have much contact with the outside world other than when it’s visiting time or  when I play my role as taxi service.  I like be able to act on a whim for creativity’s sake.  So this summer when we started going more places (teenagers will do that to you) I figured why not keep myself occupied.  The chauffer is not any source of amusement in most of those social situations so while a lot of moms who work have to drop their darlings off and scoot, I just become part of the scenery for the kiddies. Leaving my bench is a traumatic thing as I’ve found what I’m good at and I love to do.  Bringing my toys keeps me happy- ‘kay?! *Ahem….

SERIOUSLY- this is a cute bag!!!!!

SERIOUSLY- this is a cute bag!!!!!

Now I have other toolboxes I’ve bought over the last few years that are currently sitting in my “Don’t want pile.”  Some because they don’t function well enough and most because let’s face it- they’re just plain FUGLY!  I know. Who cares?  Who doesn’t… jeez…? Toolboxes aren’t supposed to be pretty, just functional, right? Maybe.  But, I’m a girl and as such, I LIKE my things to be both.  If I want to schlep my stuff around I don’t feel I have to drag a clunky boy’s toolbox to get from point A to B.  I’m the kind of chick who matches my shoes to my handbag…a dinosaur in the world of eclectic style.   

But I found me a nice looking AND functional toolbox; one I discovered quite by accident. 

I’ve been out and about school clothes shopping (as if others aren’t doing the same song and dance.  I blogged about this before…boring……lol) I stopped in to Ocean State Job Lot to find hoodies.  You know…the NEW kind of hoodie?  The one that has to be 12 times their size, drags the ground that turns you from urban to urbane??  (Where you been, homey?)  I was flitting from aisle to aisle (I do that when I wanna) and spied an end cap with piles and piles of organizing shi…uh…stuff.  Discount venues tend to keep their merch a bit disorganized…I noticed a red bag and looked it over.  Hmm…..

The pockets and pouches aren't even FULL!

The pockets and pouches aren't even FULL!

I picked this red baby up and I was floored at all the room in it. Cost me all of 9.99.  Oh and it isn’t a toolbox…it’s a Cosmetic organizer by Caboodles.  Hmm…this looks promising…

I brought it home and thought “Ok.  Let’s see how much I can stuff into it.”  Wow…I usually have to carry two bags to get all of this out the door and I got it all into one bag?!  I’m impressed!

This was all the stuff I packed into my bag...and I can get to everything!

This was all the stuff I packed into my bag...and I can get to everything!

 To those of you who participated in Dungeons and Dragons, you know the term “bag of holding.”  For those who don’t, it was a magical sack that you can put ANYTHING into and carry it…no matter the size, number or weight.  Well, folks, this is the IRL version.  I was stunned at the staggering amount of tools, supplies and personal things I could get into it and still close the zippers! The pockets, the strappy holder thingies, the pouches…it’s amazing!!! (BTW, I forgot to put my 6×9 sketchpad and notebook in the pics…yes, they do fit! I am working on a commissioned set, so they were not here at the time.)

The handles are sturdy, the bag is stylish and I can get to EVERYTHING I need without having to dump the bag out or organize an expedition.  So now, whether I’m out and about, visiting friends or ‘camped’ at the lake, where I’ve spent most of my summer this year, I can carry my mini bench and continue the flow of creativity anxiety-free!. 

What a great find!

What a great find!

If you’re looking to work, play or just fiddle around with out the stares (and you people know who you are…) check out the thrift stores, discount shops and tag sales (hey, you never know…) for this Caboodles bag.  I’m SO glad I did!

 Happy hunting!


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What a fantastic find, you lucky duck! I wish I could work on the go but I always seem to spend more time deciding what to pack (or actually packing) than I get to spend creating!

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