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With Christmas not as far way as I’d like, cruising for unique and special handmade gifts is a task I take very seriously.  Lucky for me I belong to several artisan groups…one being the SATEAM on Etsy.  It’s great the way I can always count on these creative and caring artisans for inspiration, support and just wonderful warmth.  And the eyecandy is TDF!

I plan to showcase a few goodies from what I find in my travels up and around Etsy now and in the coming weeks (hey, a girl’s gotta shop, right?)…so come and take a peek at what I found!

NValentine Owl

What a sweetie!!!!!

Look at this precious thing.  This owl is a CUTIE PIE!  from NValentine Studio just tickles my funny bone!  He’s inquisitive and pixy-ish and just plain fun!  Looking in her shop…you’ll be hooked on colors and textures and be in no danger of disppointment.  Girl’s got it all goin’ on!

 OH boy! I could stare at this for hours…a timecapsule necklace by TheBlueDress.  The color is breathtaking and mesmerizing and I love the sentiment.

How cool is this baby!!!

How cool is this baby!!!

What a FABO gift this would make!!!  Ingenious doesn’t cover this creation in my opinion…it’s charisma just settles around you like a warm blanket.  *Sigh…..how thoughtful would you be to give this to a significant other or precious family member?  Very!
Wonderful texture and craftsmanship!

Wonderful texture and craftsmanship!

Now those who know me know I LOVE copper…almost to an obsession.  So when I look…I search with said material in mind.  This personalized pick is a great gift for the musician in your life (I have a few myself) and the texture speaks as if it is a well loved possession.  Clever and unique, too, wouldn’t you say?
Gotta dash…you know- so much to see…so little time!  I’ll share again real soon…and remember to make it a Handmade Holiday. (Oh, I almost forgot…!  There is a VERY COOL and EXCITING announcement for the SATEAM I can’t snitch about yet…but it’s coming…check again to find out what it is…!)
Happy Shopping !

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